2023 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas she will Love from You

Hi friends! 

This year Mother’s Day falls on 21st March in the UAE. We know how hard it can be coming up with the perfect yet thoughtful gift for your Mama including mother in laws, new mums and new mums-to-be.

So we at Aiwa Box put together a gift guide below from a wide price range from affordable to splurge-worthy on how best to spoil your Mama and make her feel loved, appreciated and special for all that she does whole heartedly. She deserves the best! 

Keep scrolling to find out! 

1. Jewelry

A beautifully crafted jewelry set or be it individual pieces- a bracelet, necklace, ring or earrings of her favorite brand or design she loves, it is the perfect way to show your Mama she is very loved and appreciated for all that she is. Especially if you know she would love something but would probably not splurge on herself, this is your go-to gift!

2. Her favorite Flowers / Plants 

As the saying goes “Flowers are a girl’s best friend” and it never fades as you age. So gifting Flowers is always a great choice! Gifting flowers on Mother’s Day expresses your love, appreciation and gratitude for the important role that a Mother plays in our life. Go on and make her feel special!

3. An unforgettable Experience 

Consider planning a special day to spend quality time with your Mother doing what she loves - depending on her interests and preferences. Here are some ideas for you.. 

  • Activities to do together like a picnic, a hike, going to a movie / concert
  • Cook her favorite/special meal or treat her for high tea / dinner 
  • Go for a Mani/Pedi together or a spa date
  • Plan a surprise holiday with her (local/foreign/cruise/train journey etc) 
  • Enjoy a good Shopping spree together

4.Personalized theme Gift basket 

Here’s when you can wear your creative hat and include all things cute and meaningful to your Mama which she will really love and use as well. Curate it according to what she would like. Above are some suggestions

Remember, the most important thing is to show your mother that she is loved and appreciated. Whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart and reflects the gratitude you feel for all that she has done and still does for you. 

If you’re still thinking of what to get your Mother on Mother’s Day, head over to https://aiwabox.com/ and have a look at our Flowers and Gift collection and you’ll be amazed. 

We’ve got you! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mama’s out there!