5 Best Flowers for Mother's Day - Florist Recommendations

Mother’s Day is around the corner! Now is your chance to honor and appreciate your Mother and surprise her with the best gift to express gratitude and love for her. 

What other way to celebrate your mother than a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers. It shows appreciation, they brighten up the home, they are a thoughtful gift and most importantly flowers are  symbolic. They symbolize love, purity and innocence. 

There are many different types of flowers that make great gifts for Mother’s Day. However the choice will depend on your Mother’s choice and preferences. Here are some of the popular recommendations by our Florists to consider this Mother’s Day:

1. Roses

Pink roses bouquet flower vase for mothers day

Roses are always a classic choice for any occasion. Roses are a great gift to express love and appreciation for your mother. Red roses are associated with love/romance, whereas pink roses are a great way to express love and appreciation and surprisingly yellow roses are associated with friendship.


White lilies bouquet flower vase for mothers day

Lilies are another popular choice for Mother’s Day and come in a variety of colors. White lilies in particular are a popular choice to gift for Mother’s Day and they do come in a variety of colors. White lilies are a favorite as it symbolizes purity and peace whilst pink lilies are associated with love and affirmation. 

3. Orchids

Purple orchids flower vase mothers day

This goes without saying, Orchids are a great gift for every Mother! Let us tell you why: Orchids are long lasting. They can go up to a month if maintained well. This makes it a great gift as your Mother can enjoy it for an extended period. Orchids are also known for its unique beauty amongst other flowers and its various ranges of colors, sizes, shapes gives you a good range to pick from. Orchids also resonate a lot with Mothers as it symbolizes love, beauty, strength and resilience.

Fun fact - Orchids are also low maintenance. They are easy to care for and require low watering and attention. This makes it a very practical gift for Mothers with their busy schedules.

4. Carnations

Pink Carnations flowers vase mothers day

Carnations are a traditional Mother’s Day flower gift and the great thing is it comes in many different colors. Pink Carnations often symbolize a mother’s endless love whilst the White Carnations can represent Purity and Good luck for the future. 

5. Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas flowers for mothers day

Hydrangeas are often popular for a great Mother’s Day flower gift due to many reasons such as its beautiful appearance, its meaningful symbolism of gratitude and grace. They are both qualities of Mothers who are the sole givers of unconditional love, support and care. Hydrangeas are also known to be long lasting since they can last up to 2 weeks if cared for properly. Hydrangeas are also very versatile as they come in a single stem or in bouquet arrangement, small potted plants or for large arrangement hence it's a great gift option for Mother’s Day or any other occasion.

Overall Hydrangeas are a beautiful and thoughtful gift that shows appreciation and gratitude for all that our Mothers do. 

Ultimately the best flower to give for Mother’s Day is one that your mother will love and appreciate. Do consider her favorite color, floral fragrance, favorite flower or any special symbolism that will resonate with her. 

So there you have it, a wide range of carefully picked out best and popular flowers which could be gifted this Mother’s Day and we at Aiwa Box are here to serve you with our wide range of flowers, hassle free with delivery at your doorstep. Check out our website https://aiwabox.com/ for more details. 


Happy Flower Selection and a Great Mother’s Day!