5 Best Symbolic Flowers to gift on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a Global celebration of women’s achievements and to advocate for gender equality. It is a time to celebrate women’s contributions to society and to raise awareness of the challenges that women face around the world. On a lighter note, it is considered a chance for both women and men to appreciate and recognize the women in their lives from mothers to sisters, wives, daughters, friends and colleagues. The day is celebrated with happy moments through celebratory events, cakes, flowers and everything else to honor women’s strength, beauty and ability to inspire others.

With that said, there are certain flowers that are popularly gifted on Women’s Day with its own symbolism and meaning. Here’s the list of the Best 5 symbolic flowers to gift on Women’s Day:


1. Roses

Gifting roses on any occasion is a great classic. It symbolize appreciation, respect, and love for the women in our lives. The color of the roses can also have different meanings, such as:

Red roses - Symbolizes love, romance and admiration
Pink roses - Symbolizes gratitude, admiration and joy
Yellow roses - Symbolizes friendship and caring
White roses - Symbolizes purity, elegance, innocence and new beginnings
2. Lilies
Lilies are often given on Women’s day as it’s an essence of feminism, purity, beauty and enchanting fragrance that captures every Woman's heart. In Greek traditions, Lilies also reflect motherhood, birth and womanhood.
3. Orchids
Orchids symbolize loyalty, beauty and strength. This will be the ideal arrangement to appreciate the women in your life. Its beautiful long stems will express your appreciation for her.
4. Chrysanthemums
Just like Roses,Chrysanthemums are also considered as the best flowers to gift on women’s day. They are not available easily though they’re too beautiful that anyone can attract towards them. These flowers are both colorful and elegant and look fabulous when arranged in a bouquet or vase
5. Carnations 

Carnations have been associated with Women’s Day for over a century. These beautiful flowers come in plenty  of colours to signify respect and friendship. Red carnations symbolize love and admiration whilst pink carnations represent gratitude and appreciation. Some cultures associate yellow carnations with Women's Day as it represents friendship and joy. 

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