How to Last your Flowers Longer - Tips No one tells You

Don’t you just love receiving beautiful fresh flowers, be it a gifted flower bouquet or you’ve plucked it off your garden?

 I do.. 

And the first thing on your mind is how/where you will store it so it will last longer looking fresh and beautiful as it is? We all feel the same. There’s just something about fresh flowers that makes you so happy.

Luckily, there are some interesting tips and tricks on how we can last our flowers longer! 

Keep reading to find out.. You’d be amazed. 

Step 1

Use Lukewarm water + Vase

Wash the vase or jar thoroughly using regular soap and lukewarm water to ensure that all bacteria is removed as this is very fatal for your fresh blooms. You need to wake your flowers up by pouring warm water as it will help the flowers stand up straight. 

Tips to remember!

  • Keep changing the water daily.
  • Keep an eye on the water level. 
  • Clean the Jar/Vase daily. 
  • Remove dead leaves and wilted flowers.

Step 2 

DIY Flower Food 

This step is simple. If you don’t have flower food, you can easily make it at home. 


  1. Add one tablespoon of sugar into the water in the Vase and mix. This will help nourish your flowers beautifully and to open up the blooms.  
  2. Next add one tablespoon of white vinegar into the Vase water mix. As you may know, this step will help destroy the growth of bacteria and keep the flowers fresh much longer. 

Step 3 

Trim Stems / Remove Leaves in water 

As you may have seen, the leaves which remain at the bottom of the water start to rot inside the Vase. This causes the water to change in color and contaminate. So to make this easier, before you put the fresh flowers inside the jar - trim all leaves below water level and remove them. 

Notes to remember: 

  • Do not use scissors, but use a knife and cut off the stem at a 45 degree angle to help the flowers absorb water and nutrients better. 
  • Trim the stems daily when you change the water in the Vase.

Step 4 

Get the positioning right

This step is crucial as you need to get it right when you think of where to find a home for your flowers.

Place it in a cool, bright area and avoid direct sunlight, dusty areas or near television with radiation as the flowers could die quickly. 

Fun fact : Keep the flowers away from fruit bowls as the fruits tend to emit as they ripen and it could badly affect your flowers. 



So there you have it!

All you need to know about extending the life of your fresh flowers and it’s all about the maintenance. We hope you enjoy the fresh blooms a lot longer now than you have previously

Always remember to use a super clean vase, and constantly change water daily preferably warm and cooler water towards the latter stages of the flower growth. Also always use a pair of knives to trim the stems/leaves regularly and not your everyday scissors as it could affect the  way the flowers absorb its nutrients. 

We hope you liked this blog and enjoy the cool climes this Winter!